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….I can relate to a lot of these.


Stretch marks? 

You mean sick ass lightning tattoos 




Makeup is FUN, creative, colorful, and an artistic form of expression.

Women and men can wear it for whatever reason they want…and most of the time, it’s NOT because of the social demands for beauty or to simply “impress” people. And even if those were the reasons, LAY OFF.

I am all right with this ad campaign. It uses simple text that emphasizes that individual women have their own individual reasons for wearing makeup as opposed to just putting some airbrushed celebrity at the forefront and making people feel ugly.

This ad campaign does get to the point as to why I wear and love makeup: because I want to. I wear makeup because I think it’s pretty, interesting, versatile, dynamic, and it makes me feel like I want to feel. I don’t need to wear makeup. I do not wear makeup for anyone other than myself. Makeup is about joy and becoming whomever you are!


TUTORIAL | Burned Paper Nails

1. Paint your nails with a light nude polish, wait until it’s completely dries.

2. Put a piece of newspaper in alcohol, and wait 15-20 sec.

3.Place the wet paper onto your nails, push it down with your fingers and wait until the alcohol evaporates (7-10 sec), and remove the paper.

4. Topcoat it with clear polish.

5. Draw some lines with black polish, where you want your burned papers edges.

6., 7. Put some black and brown polish with a piece of makeup sponge around the black lines.

8. Clean up the edges with acetone.

9. Use a matte topcoat.


I spy with my little eye a complete cutie-pie. She’s loved here on Tumblr and over on Twitter for her portrayal of Lt. Annie Mills on Sleepy Hollow as one half of the dynamic duo along with Ichabod Crane (who we might or might not have featured here a few weeks ago).

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By Pascal Chevallier.

(via make-up-is-an-art)

Mr Sugar Cube himself! Damn what a cutie-pants. I saw Catching Fire this week and not only did I think it was a great movie (visually, it was awesome), but I thought Sam as Finnick was the perfect fit of charm and sensitivity. Bless the stupid cutehead that is Sam Claflin.

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